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Refer customers to SmartSeller and earn recurring commissions if a qualified lead subscribe for our plan.

Passive income.

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SmartSeller Affiliate Program is your chance to start making serious money online.

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Affiliate Program Worth Your Time & Effort

Simple to start and designed for you to make serious money in it.

up to 40% recurring commission

Get recurring payments for customers you refer. SmartSeller users stay with us for ages, so we’ll be happy to pay you multiple times.

Tailor-made affiliate links

Use a simple Campaign Builder to customize your affiliate links. Offer special deals on LiveChat plans to encourage more people to sign up.

120 days cookie

Take your time. You’ll get your commission if only clients complete a purchase within 120 days from clicking on your referral link.

Rockstar product

We provide one of the the best and user-friendly eCommerce features to customers. With all of our cutting edge eCommerce features, our affiliates are easy to promote and sell our services.

B2B level deals

B2B customers make more mindful and hefty purchases that result in stable stream of passive income. Take advantage of it.

Multi tier affiliate

We are building the multi tier affiliate to help our affiliates to invite others to become your downline. You will earn some percentage of referal commission from your downline. (coming soon…)

SmartSeller Affiliate Benefits

Free (No payment required)

Consistent Online Payouts

Easy & Convinient Tracking

Competitive Affiliate Commissions Rate

Everyone can make money online as SmartSeller affiliates

Website Owners

Monetize your website by adding promo banners, affiliate links, and signup widgets whenever possible.


Make use of your skills and direct traffic onto SmartSeller website. Run paid search or email campaigns for different channels and verify which work best for you.

Bloggers & Content Writers

Write product reviews and comparisons on your blog or create your own products review website.

YouTubers and Social Media Superstars

Stream webinars and share articles related to SmartSeller. Let your audience know how can our platform impact their businesses’ well-being.

How Our Affiliate Program Works

  • When you become an affiliate you will get a special unique affiliate link.
  • When we receive visitors through your affiliate link, we associate them with your affiliate account.
  • When they subscibe and pay for the subscription, you get a commission!
  • You will get recurring commission as long as your referals stay with us.
  • You get paid without limits, we just need to verify the lead and mark it as a qualified referals, in order to pay your commission.

Affiliate Payment Schedule

SmartSeller will pay you monthly via PayPal, after the leads verification process and system validation of your results as a member of our affiliate marketing team.

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