Smartseller Affiliate Partnership

Refer customers to SmartSeller and earn recurring commission when a qualified lead subscribes to our plan.

Earn passive income

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SmartSeller Affiliate Program is your chance to start making serious sustainable passive income online. Join our affiliate program and share our success together.

An Affiliate Program that

Worth Your Time & Effort

Seize the oppurtunity to make serious passive income

30% recurring commission

Earn recurring payment for customers you refer. Our subscribers stay with us for a long time and we are happy to pay you 30% of each lead multiple times.

UNIQUE affiliate links

Use our Campaign Builder to create your unique affiliate link. When customers click your link and sign up you get recurring pay-per-lead commission.

360-day cookie

We recognise your effort and want to reward you accordingly. We give you a long 360-day cookie during which when a customer signs up you get paid.

Rockstar platform

Marketing SmartSeller is easy. Our cutting edge eCommerce features at an affordable price make it easy for our affiliates to promote our services.

Marketing Kits

All marketing kits (web banner, Facebook Image, brochure and more) are readily available. Our affiliates just need to use them for their own promotional activities.

Multi-tier payment

Coming soon is a multi-tier affiliate payment structure. Our affiliates are important to us. We are in constant pursuit to improve our partners career.

We invite you to become a SmartSeller affiliate

Website Owners

Monetize your website by adding promo banners, affiliate links, and signup widgets wherever possible on your website.


Direct inbounce traffic to SmartSeller. Use your talent in marketing to generate serious recurring income.

Bloggers & Content Writers

Write platform reviews and comparisons on your blog or create your own platform as a service reviews.

YouTubers & Social Media influencers

Stream webinars and share contents related to SmartSeller. Use your magic to lead your followers to SmartSeller.

Payment Schedule

We pay you on a monthly basis via PayPal as soon as our system verification process is completed. Payment is reflected on your dashboard.

Join our Affiliate Program Today!

Start earning owesome income with SmartSeller.


How to become an affiliate?

CLICK HERE to become an affiliate. To learn more about how to become an affiliate visit our knowledgebase for more details.

How much commission will I receive for each successful referral?

You earn 30% recurring commission for every successful referral. We continue to pay you as long as your lead continues the subscription.

How will I receive my commission?

All commission are paid via PayPal. CLICK HERE to learn how to register your payment details with us.

Can I receive commission other than PayPal?

No, you can’t. PayPal is the most secured and trusted payment method. We use PayPal to protect our partners around the globe.

When will I receive my commission?

Your payment will usually be reflected on your dashboard on the 7th of each month.

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