Create an Online Store and Grow your eCommerce Business

Create your online store and start selling online from one professional eCommerce platform. Use our user-friendly eCommerce website builder to build your eCommerce website. Manage and sell your products globally on multiple sales channels, accept secure online payments, manage orders and fulfillment, and more eCommerce marketing features. 

How to Create an Online Store

1. Register for an account at SmartSeller.

2. Select your preferred eCommerce template.

3. Customize your online store’s layout and website contents.

4. Add products to your online store.

5. Add shipping method and online payment gateway.

6. Get custom domain name that relate to your brand.

7. Publish your eCommerce store and start selling globally.


Be amazed by the fully functionanl eCommerce features at just $4.90/month. Grab this opportunity to start your own online business now!

Starting an Online Store with SmartSeller

Our robust eCommerce solution make it easy for you to start and grow your online business.

Cart and Checkout

Fully functional eCommerce cart and checkout feature. Your customers can add products to cart and checkout with your online payment solution. 

Brand Identity

As you grow your online business with an eCommerce website on SmartSeller, you’re building your brand identity that identity to your offline business. 

User-friendly CMS

Gain control over your entire website through the Content Management System that lets you change the contents, products, images and more.

Customer Account

Let your customer create an account on your online store to make future purchase faster and check all their previous purchase.

Blog Marketing

Create consistent and relevant interactions with your customers through regular blog posts of articles, infographics and videos.

Loads of functionality

Comes with tons of useful eCommerce features that can help to improve your online business.

Sell Online Instantly

All basic eCommerce features are included to help you start selling online right after your store is ready.

Fully Secured Store

Create a fully secured online store to boost customers’ confident to shop at your online store.

Start an Online Store with SmartSeller

Look no further. SmartSeller has all the tools you need for a successful online business. Build a store, manage it, grow it with SmartSeller. Get the power at affordable price.

Online Stores Created

eCommerce Templates

eCommerce Features

Cups Of Coffee

Storefront with integrated ecommerce features

home office 07 1

Detailed Store Analytics

Get insignhful of your online business performance through SmartSeller’s built-in analytics features. Check which products are performing best, check your overall revenue, your inventory status and visitor traffic and more.

Store Performance v6

Fully Customization Storefront

Build your online storefront the you want. Set up product collections, related product galleries, wishlist, promotion, website layout and more. Customize your product and cart pages to meet your business needs.

Search Engine Optimized

Your eCommerce website at SmartSeller is SEO friendly. All pages and products on SmartSeller support search engine optimzation best practices including H1 tags, title tags, meta tags and more. That allow buyers to be able to find your online store and products.

SmartSeller automatically generates sitemap.xml file for your online store so taht all products and pages are reflected in the search results. Your online store is more visible to search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Secured Online Payment

Let buyers buy and checkout from your online store securely. Choose from dozens of online payment providers and methods, including PayPal, Stripe, Alipay, credit/debit cards, Cash on Delivery, bank transfer and more. 

Products Listing

Easily add new products to your online store. Add images, variants of the same product in different colors, product description, dimension and pricing.

add products v5

Shipping Rules

Set up custom shipping rules, offer international shipping, choose from leading carriers like USPS, FedEx, DHL and more, and show customers real-time shipping estimates at checkout.

Coupon and Promotion Module

Promote your business through attractive discount codes and coupons. Offer attractive savings to your customers by dollar amount, percentage amount or even through shipping deals.


Be amazed by the fully functionanl eCommerce features at just $4.90/month. Grab this opportunity to start your own online business now!

Top Notch Hosting for Your Online Store

Your eCommerce website on SmartSeller includes reliable eCommerce hosting

1X Hosting Icon 05

Uptime Guarantee

With our 99% server uptime record, your eCommerce website is in great hands. We track uptime and performance around the clock to make sure your online store is live.

1X Hosting Icon 03

Fast Loading Speed

Your eCommerce website is host on the top notch technology to get fastest loading speed possible. Google uses site speed as a ranking factor. Fast loading pages may get priority in Google’s indexing algorithm.

1X Hosting Icon 04

Safe & Secure

Security is one of our top concerns. Any kind of fraud involving a website could put an online store and its reputation at risk. Hosting safeguards are top priority including PCI compliance.

1X Hosting Big Icon 02

Dedicated Support

From hosting to eCommerce solution, we are always here to support you. 

MB purefront 02

Design Your Online Store the Way You Want

Create your online store with our high-quality eCommerce templates that will give your customers a good impression, increase sales and enhance brand awareness.

Full Customization

Fully customize the design of your eCommerce website and reach customers on desktop and mobile. Preview your website in real time to see the changes you make.

Online Store Builder

Our frontend drag and drop website builder gives you full control over the layout of your pages. Anyone without programming skills can easily build an eCommerce website.

Mobile Responsive

All eCommerce templates are fully responsive on mobile and tablet. Your eCommerce website will look just as good on a mobile phone & tablet as it does on a desktop.

Let’s Start Your Online Business with SmartSeller Now

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Social Commerce

Create your eCommerce website with SmartSeller and grow your online business by selling on social media.


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Create your online store and start selling to more than 2 billion buyers on Facebook today. It’s FREE! You’ve got nothing to lose.

Instagram Shopping

 Gives your business an immersive storefront for people to explore your best products.

Google My Business

Allows you to build a presence on mobile and the computer to showcase your products and drive customer interactions.

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Affiliate Program

Our affiliates enjoy generous recurring commission. Earn commission by referring anyone to subscribe to SmartSeller platform. Marketing a winning platform like SmartSeller is easy. Create sustainable passive income. 

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