Promoting your website before your product/site launch can be a fantastic technique to create more excitement for your brand. It can help you gain more traffic to your site when the big launch day finally comes by. It’s easy for a page to go unnoticed in the massive pool of competing eCommerce sites. But pre-launching your product can allow you to gain insights into your customers’ opinions, capture their interest, and draw more audiences.

While there are many ways to start marketing after you’ve launched your page, you can get a head start by promoting even earlier.

Here are some effective steps you can take to start marketing your upcoming page.

Step 1: Soft Launch of the Page

A soft launch of your page entitles a selected crowd to see the site before its grand introduction. Instead of delivering your full site to potential customers, you’re giving them a sneak peek of what they can expect in the days or weeks to come.

A great thing about doing a soft launch is that it gives your team an opportunity to fix any bugs or errors offline. So, when the page is finally launched, visitors can come across an error-free page with better accessibilities.

Step 2: Build and Spread Through Email Lists

Did you know that 76% of email advertising messages sent have resulted in higher conversion rates?

Email is an incredible channel for getting the word out about your “coming soon” page. You can run an email marketing campaign to get more subscriber signups in the first place while keeping potential customers from slipping away. A few tips for successfully spreading your email can be offering your customers incentives to stay tuned, such as top customer-exclusive offers, discounts, contests, etc.

Step 3: Run a Social Media Contest

Social media contests are exciting and fun for audiences. It can not only allow you to connect to your audience but also create awareness of your upcoming page.

Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms can be great platforms for sharing your ideas. You can even set-up a “viral loop” by providing incentives to target customers who will join your email list as well as share your page with others.

Step 4: Launch a Preview Video

Several studies have shown that videos are the best medium for engaging customers. Using videos, you can promote your page online, while also giving a hint to your customers about what more they can expect from your coming soon page.

Your video content can include a sneak peek of upcoming content, exclusive collections, a preview of new site features, or requests for suggestions from your audience.

Step 5: Network with Influencers Creating a Buzz

In today’s eCommerce ecosystem, influencers play a significant role in “influencing” your potential customers’ buying decisions. And so, with the help of social media personas whose content is related to your niche, you can promote your page to a wider community.

Hosting giveaways or contests can create buzz for a page before it launches.  Giveaways have the capability of turning a simple product launch into a web sensation, directing more traffic to your site before you’ve even released it.

You can also build excitement around your product or service page by posting countdowns and guessing games to create buzz before the launch of your coming soon page.

Still not sure how to promote your page? Share your questions in the comments below. We’re here to answer them!