The inability to show a physical product to the customers remains a downside for online businesses. But images are the next best thing. Although images can’t give you the real-life feel, it does get the job done. If you want to attract the maximum number of customers, you need high-quality photos of your products.

Taking a raw photo and uploading it to your site isn’t enough anymore. Adding effects, trademark and product taglines to images is the new norm of online business. With social media marketing, the importance of high-quality images has increased ten times. Still, business owners aren’t too keen on investing their valuable money on photo editors. Many people will tell you that free photo editors aren’t good enough. But now you can prove them wrong by using the following photo editors for free.

5. Fotor

Platforms:  macOS, Windows, Linux

Fotor is good for simple editing. This editor has some high-end filters that enhance the image. It also includes a tilt-shift proof and color tweak options. But you can’t edit specific areas with this editor.

You can tweak the image with a variety of vibrant and vintage colors. Manually changing the curves and different levels through the simple menu of Fotor is easy. Fotor can edit batch images. So, you can get your products edited and sorted within a jiffy.

4. PhotoPea

Platforms:  macOS and Windows

PhotoPea is an online editor that you can use on your browser from any platform. There are a lot of similarities between PhotoPea and Photoshop. The interface is similar; plus, they both have similar capabilities. So, if you have used Photoshop before, you will easily get accustomed to PhotoPea. You can edit on a variety of formats without losing the quality of the image too.

3. Photoscape X

Platforms:  macOS and Windows

Getting accustomed to the interface and the tools will be an overwhelming experience at first, but after a few trials and errors, you will get used to it. Photoscape has a variety of effects, filters, borders, patterns, and frames in its interface. There’s also the bonus of batch processing photos. In the interface, there is an image viewer option where you can see all your images and get the contents sorted for your online store.

2. Pixlr X

Platforms:  macOS, Linux, Windows

Pixlr is easily accessible through phones and browsers. You can get almost professional-level edits on this editor. The interface is really easy to navigate compared to most other photo editors out there.

Online marketing and e-commerce websites can completely rely on this editor. It is based on HTML5, meaning this editor can be used from any browser. It offers all the features a paid editor has but for free.


Platforms:  macOS, Linux, Windows

Even to this day, Gimp reigns supreme in the world of free photo editors. It provides you with all the professional tools for free.

The features include layers, musk, eliminating flaws, healing tools, curves, enhancing tools, and so much more. This editor has truly earned the number one spot.

What would be your top 5 free editors for online businesses? Let us know if you agree with the list.