B2B Wholesale

B2B Wholesale allows you to enable Business-to-Business mode in your online store, to use it for wholesale. It extend your business to run both B2C and B2B model to grow your online business.

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B2B Wholesale Solution for eCommerce Business

With our B2B Wholesale, you have all the features you need to manage wholesale e-commerce: price lists, hidden prices, customer groups, VAT handling, approved customers, shipping and payments method management and so on.

B2B Wholesale allows you to open your B2B e-commerce or add the B2B features to your B2C shop quickly and easily.

Quick Overview

All the functionality needed for a successful B2B wholesale eCommerce.

Price Rules

Assign different prices to each product and offer personalized price lists by customer group.

Prices by Quantity

Offer discounted prices by cart quantity to your customers.

Hidden Prices

Hide prices to non-wholesale customers. Only show price to registered customers.

Customer Groups

Organize your customers in groups and assign specific rules to manage them easily.


Quotation System

Allow customers to make quote requests and manage them.

Minimum Purchase Quantity

Set a minimum purchase quantity specific for each product.

Package Quantity

Set packaging quantity for each product. Products can be purchased only in established incremental quntity.

Payment Methods Control

Enable or disable payment methods to specific groups.

Categories Visibility

Hide entire product categories based on customer group.

App Configuration

B2B Wholesale introduces a large number of features, here is a complete list with description to guide you in the configuration.

b2b wholesale configuration

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